Cardamom French Toast

Jump to recipe… It’s friYAY!! YAY! I’m coming through for you for the most perfect brunch French toast that’s EGGLESS!!! Sorry I got a little excited lol. It’s because I can never order French toast when I’m out because I can’t stand the smell of eggs, even though I eat eggs. It’s a really weird thing that happened to me during my pregnancy, it still … Continue reading Cardamom French Toast

Tex Mex Purple Potato Hash

Jump to recipe… Okay this recipe is from the archives! I literally made this like a year ago and took photos, just never posted it for some reason (sometimes life just happens). I found the photos when I was browsing through old pictures and remembered all about these potato goodness. It’s a perfect brunch dish or lunch, heck you can even eat it for dinner! … Continue reading Tex Mex Purple Potato Hash