Hara Bhara Papad Roll

Jump to recipe… Hara Bhara Papad Roll, is basically papad filled with a spicy & minty potato- paneer mixture. I filled mine with paneer, potato, corn, bell pepper, cilantro, mint, thai chilies, garlic, ginger, and maslas. I had a paneer filled papad roll at a restaurant once but it was very bland. I loved the concept of it but I knew I needed to make … Continue reading Hara Bhara Papad Roll

Cardamom French Toast

Jump to recipe… It’s friYAY!! YAY! I’m coming through for you for the most perfect brunch French toast that’s EGGLESS!!! Sorry I got a little excited lol. It’s because I can never order French toast when I’m out because I can’t stand the smell of eggs, even though I eat eggs. It’s a really weird thing that happened to me during my pregnancy, it still … Continue reading Cardamom French Toast

Schezwan Paneer Momos

Momo’s are a steamed dumpling, its origin is Tibet/ Nepali region. It has become a very popular street food across India. I LOVE momo’s they are like little steamed pockets of happiness. Holy moly these Schezwan Paneer Momos were a family favorite. I wasn’t expecting that because my family is not very big on dumplings or Chinese cuisine. My fil LOVED these and he is … Continue reading Schezwan Paneer Momos