Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Jump to recipe… I shared a recipe for bombay sandwich a while back, so I had to share my other favorite which is Bombay grilled cheese sandwich. I remember eating these while wedding shopping in India, this is what most stores would order for us while we are shopping. It was probably the best thing about wedding shopping lol. It’s super simple and easy to … Continue reading Bombay Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Spicy Eggplant Sandwich

Jump to recipe… This is my mother-in law’s famous eggplant sandwich recipe. This is probably the most awaited post by my friends and family who have enjoyed this before. When my husband was in college, my mother in-law would make 2-3 pans for him and all his friends. It’s a simple recipe that tastes heavenly. It is a great make a-head dish that can be … Continue reading Spicy Eggplant Sandwich

Effortless Spicy Panini

Jump to recipe… This dish is so effortless you guys will be amazed at how quickly it comes together. This one is dedicated to all of my “no-cook” cooks out there! It’s more of assembling a sandwich together than anything else, hence the first word in the recipe’s name! I didn’t make my pesto at home; but you totally can or use any leftover pesto … Continue reading Effortless Spicy Panini