Meal Prep with Rubbermaid

Who else hates having to find lids to your containers!?! I absolutely do!! Which is why I use Rubbermaid EasyFindLids Meal Prep Containers. It has 3 compartments, so it’s perfect for one entree and 2 sides. It makes meal prepping and lunch time so much easier. I give meals in this container to my husband for lunch. It’s been great to prepare all the lunches … Continue reading Meal Prep with Rubbermaid

Spring Cleaning My Pantry

Spring cleaning is in full swing at our house! Since the new house kitchen has been delayed (yet again..) I decided to start organizing things here. Let’s face it no one really likes clutter right, my cabinet was a mess and we just put whatever we wanted in it without any rhythm or rhyme. I cleaned it up with rubbermaid’s Brilliance pantry. Brilliance Pantry is … Continue reading Spring Cleaning My Pantry