Tye-Dye Ghughra/ Gujiya

Tye-Dye Ghughra also known as Gujiya! It’s empanada shaped, stuffed with coconut and semolina filling. In our home ghughra is only made during Diwali, it’s one of those treats we all look forward to every year. Ghughra/ Gujiya is how we like to kick off Diwali prep. It is one of those recipes I had to learn, so my mil so patiently taught me AKA … Continue reading Tye-Dye Ghughra/ Gujiya

Methi Thepla

Jump to recipe… Methi thepla, a staple gujarati dish that was probably part of your childhood. Methi theplas are made with fresh fenugreek leave, bajri flour and whole wheat flour. Rolled into a round and cooked like a paratha. This makes me feel so nostalgic, I remember my mom bringing these on any trips we took. She still brings this on the plane ride to … Continue reading Methi Thepla

Instant Pot Papdi no Lot / Khichu

Jump to recipe… It is here! My most awaited recipe – the instant pot Papdi no Lot. I bet every Gujarati person has memories of making papdi in the summer with their parents. Even though I hated waking up early and doing all of that work, they turned out to be some of my fondest childhood memories! There are so many different names for this … Continue reading Instant Pot Papdi no Lot / Khichu

Traditional Gujarati Dal

Jump to recipe… Gujarati dal is a staple in every Gujarati household; it has been a HUGE part of my life. A traditional Gujarati dal is sweet, spicy, and tangy all at the same time. It’s usually eaten with steamed white rice and topped off with some ghee…YUMM! This was the first thing I learned how to cook; my mom actually taught me how to … Continue reading Traditional Gujarati Dal