Orange Shrikhand

Orange Shrikhand, its creamy, fluffy, lightly sweet with hints of saffron and cardamom. You get the bits of orange pieces along with the zest, you will want to keep eating it!! Orange Shrikhand pairs so perfectly with a hot puris. I freeze my leftovers and serve it whenever, stays good in an airtight container for about 4 months. Orange Shrikhand is handy to have when … Continue reading Orange Shrikhand

Spinach Patra

Jump to recipe… Do you have a lot of leftover spinach and don’t know what to do with it?! Make these easy no fuss Spinach Patra. Spinach patra is the simplest way to have patra in under 20 minutes!! Spinach patra is perfect for breakfast, quick lunch, snack or even a light dinner. I think it pairs perfectly with Ginger spiced latte, rose chai latte, … Continue reading Spinach Patra