Charcuterie Board

Entertaining season AKA holiday season is RIGHT around the corner!! That means lots of cheese/ charcuterie boards are happening. I always get asked how I store my leftover cheese! FoodSaver Vacuum Zipper Bags make it SOOO easy to store them and it will last you for so much longer!! 

Here is what I like to put  on my board: a cheddar cheese, some sort of soft cheese and pair it with honey, a spicy cheese, lots of assorted crackers, and some mixed nuts. 

The cheeses I have on this board: Trader Joe’s unexpected cheddar, Goat cheese (drizzled with hot honey), Cabot’s wicked habanero, Boars Head 3 pepper chipotle. For crackers/ accompaniments: Trader Joe’s rosemary & cranberry crackers, beet crackers, garlic naan crackers, spicy crackers, and cheese sticks. For filler I used strawberries & basil to make it look pretty and so it has a pop of color. 

I used FoodSaver Vacuum Zipper Bags to store the leftover cheese and vacuum sealed it, so it would last me longer. You can label your bags and put the expiration date on it. This is perfect for when you want to have a cheese board for yourself or for 2 people and not waste all the cheese too. 

Ps. the hard cheeses, in particular, seal best with the FoodSaver unit + Vacuum Zipper Bags. 

You can purchase your FoodSaver VS3000 here. Click here for the vacuum Zipper bags. Use my code Zheel25 for a discount. 

Thank you FoodSaver for sponsoring this post. 

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