Rubbermaid Takealongs

As many of  you may know, Holiday content creation has already started in my kitchen. This means I’m making LOTS of food and lots and lots of leftovers. Now that we have moved out of my in-laws it’s just the four of us and it’s just too much food for us. I love sharing with my neighbors, friends, and family. This ensures that food goes to someone’s very happy belly! And they all give me feedback on my dishes. It’s a win win for all. 

Rubbermaid TakeAlongs are perfect  for me to share all the dishes I create. They are super handy since they came in a variety of shapes & sizes. The lids have ridges so it’s perfect for stacking, GOSH I love this feature the most. It saves so much space in the fridge & cabinets. They have done a FANTASTIC job with the Quik Clik™ Seal ensuring the food is secure!! OH and its BPA free, microwave, freezer safe, AND top rack dishwasher safe. I MEAN I’m sold lolll. 

Be on the lookout for tons of new holiday recipes that I will be sharing throughout the upcoming months. 

Linking some of the recipes that I already have on the blog that I have stored in these containers. rosemary garlic oil (you can use this in soooo many different ways), Tye dye gugra, and Chimichurri potatoes. 

You can do so much with leftover:

  • The garlic rosemary oil is so fabbbb in pasta, on top of soups, salad dressings, it elevates the dish so much!
  • Chimichurri potatoes can be turned into soup, or crispy potatoes, or you can add all the indian masalas and eat it with roti!! 
  • Salads are always so versatile, you can throw it in a wrap, sandwiches and it’s a new meal! 

Here is the link to purchase these containers.

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