Creamy Enchilada Pasta

Jump to recipe… Mexican and Italian are definitely in my top 3 favorite cuisines. This recipe brings two of them together and creates amazingness. It’s a one-pot wonder that comes together in just 20 minutes! It has all the amazing flavors from the enchilada, but it’s arranged in a pasta dish. The sauce is so creamy and luscious from the cream cheese, making it easier … Continue reading Creamy Enchilada Pasta

Jalapeño & Pineapple Baked Mac n’ Cheese

Jump to recipe… Okay y’all…I’m way too excited for this one because not only do I love everything cheesy, but my favorite pizza topping is jalapeño and pineapple too! I make baked mac n’ cheese every year only for Thanksgiving because of how decadent it is. This year, I wanted to try adding pineapple to this because I love the combination of sweet & spicy. … Continue reading Jalapeño & Pineapple Baked Mac n’ Cheese

Red Lentil Green Goddess Pasta

Jump to recipe… This dish is so very simple, but SUPER flavorful. I’m a huge fan of simple pasta dishes and I have been making this pasta since I was in high school I didn’t make it with red lentil pasta back then, so that’s my twist on the old recipe. The red lentil pasta is much healthier, but doesn’t taste “healthy”…it tastes amazing! This … Continue reading Red Lentil Green Goddess Pasta

Masala Vegetable Lasagna Roll-ups

Jump to recipe… Masala vegetable lasagna roll-ups are an East meets West dish. The filling is packed with so many vegetables and Indian spices that are used daily in Indian cooking. This dish creates a perfect marriage between Indian and Italian flavors. And the best part..…it’s oh sooooo cheesy! This is one of my mother in-law’s recipes, she created this dish when her kids were … Continue reading Masala Vegetable Lasagna Roll-ups