Meal Prep with Rubbermaid

Who else hates having to find lids to your containers!?! I absolutely do!! Which is why I use Rubbermaid EasyFindLids Meal Prep Containers. It has 3 compartments, so it’s perfect for one entree and 2 sides. It makes meal prepping and lunch time so much easier. I give meals in this container to my husband for lunch. It’s been great to prepare all the lunches in these containers. They are BPA free and microwave safe. These containers would be great for back to school for kids as well. Due to the 3 compartments it would be easy to give the kids lunch, and 2 snacks in one container. 

What I have stored in my containers: Mediterranean bowl; rice, falafel, salad, and hummus. 

Veggie tortellini with pesto, mushroom, tomatoes, and broccoli. I used fresh tortellini package, and cooked it to package directions. Sauteed onions, garlic, spinach, mushrooms (basically any veggies I had on hand) in olive oil. Add the cooked tortellini and topped it off with kale vegan pesto from Trader Joes! It is super simple and filled with veggies. 

Sharing a few lunch ideas for back to school/ office:

You can buy these containers HERE.

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