Mexican Hash Brown

Weather you are hosting a brunch or making a regular breakfast for the family, these mexican hashbrown are a total hit. Mexican Hash brown is packed with lots of flavor and comes together in no time. Mexican hash brown is made from shredded potatoes, salsa, black beans, cheese, and then topped with fried egg, scallions, cilantro, and cotija cheese. It is an absolute delight to … Continue reading Mexican Hash Brown

Pomegranate Ginger Spritz

We are days away from the Holidays, which means lots of hosting and having gatherings. Today I’m sharing the most perfect welcome drink for your friends and family, Pomegranate Ginger Spritz. 1. it looks SO festive, 2. Its refreshing and the ginger works so well with the pomegranate juice, and 3. It can be served as a mocktail or cocktail!! You can prep the syrup … Continue reading Pomegranate Ginger Spritz

Herby Roasted Potatoes

Herby Roasted Potatoes are coming in hotttt! If you are tired of the normal mashed potatoes or roasted potasted.. try these Herby Roasted Potatoes!!! Herby roasted potatoes are so bright in flavor, it’s got tons of fresh herbs and lemon juice on top. It’s effortless and comes together in no time, you can even make this a day or two in advance (look at the … Continue reading Herby Roasted Potatoes

Italian Hot Veggie Subs

Hot Italian Veggie Sub, it is probably the messiest sandwich you will ever eat. BUT each bite will leave you wanting more! It’s hot, filled with veggies, has that tang from the hot giardiniera, cheesy, saucy.. My mouth is watering as I type. I know you guys will absolutely love this hot Italian veggie sub. It’s a wholesome meal, super filling, and flavorful. It would … Continue reading Italian Hot Veggie Subs

Ginger Garlic Paste

Rubbermaid EasyFindLids SilverShield are the perfect container for storing the stinkiest of food; like this ginger garlic paste that I use the most in my cooking everyday. I like to make and keep this ginger garlic paste on hand, I make lots of Indian dishes with it. It also helps me elevate some store bought dishes like the Trader Joe’s Fried Japanese Rice. You can … Continue reading Ginger Garlic Paste