Lavender Blueberry Mojito

Lavender Blueberry Mojito!!!! okay 1. please look at that color, it’s GORGEOUS. 2. SOO refreshing. and 3. HOW DAMN PRETTY!!! This drink has been a hit every single time I have made it, which is a whole lot this past summer. If you follow me on IG then you might remember. It all started with having too much fresh lavender from my yard, which i … Continue reading Lavender Blueberry Mojito

Pav Bhaji Stuffed Shells

Jump to recipe… Pav bhaji stuffed shells sounds intriguing right?!!? Pav bhaji stuffed shells has all the elements of a pav bhaji + a luscious ricotta filling that is mixed with the veggies. The sauce that the stuffed shells bake in is SO heavenly, its creamy, tangy, and spicy. All the flavors marry so well with each other. Each element of the dish elevates the … Continue reading Pav Bhaji Stuffed Shells